Promotion! Get a landing page to improve conversions

We have a new promotion over here, come get it while it’s hot! Which means until we’re too booked to breathe.

You probably know landing pages are extremely useful when you want your visitors to do something specific: give you their email address, create an account on your website, join a webinar etc. Some say every website should have at least one great landing page – the one that promotes their mailing list.

Here in our office we typically build websites, create promotional materials and write copy, but now we want to start building landing pages as well and since it’s something new for us, we have a promotion!

 A landing page = $199

We have the technical skill, we have the theory thanks to excellent marketing professionals who publish articles and reports, so you’ll get a great landing page that fits with your branding and is built so that it will improve conversions.

You can choose from a simple or more complex design, for example (but definitely not limited to):

An electronics store looking to promote its mailing list:


A marketing company promoting their webinar:


I took some liberties with the copy, as you can see.

Looks good? Then just shoot us an email at and tell us about what you want to accomplish with your landing page and we’ll get right on it!

Get your Landing Page


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