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Gift Search is our personal project - every piece of code, graphic and word is our own and we have launched it at the start of 2013.

It works as a gift searching engine, useful when you want to buy a gift for someone you love, but you're stumped and have no idea what to get - we've been there! We got more gift savvy and wanted to try and wanted to try and help others find their perfect gifts.

On the front page, we put a search engine where you insert a few details about your giftee (sex, age, relationship with you and budget) and a list is generated with plenty of great ideas for gifts. was built from scratch, back and front end, using PHP and Code Igniter. It features a custom administration interface, related items algorithms, a custom blogging system and a newsletter subscription system. We created every illustration and graphic to fit the theme of the website, we constantly upload the images and write original gift descriptions for each item and we write regular blog articles - from informative pieces to gift suggestions and entertainment pieces.